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    Life insurance is typically not at the forefront of anyone’s priority list, but it is nonetheless a vital piece of a well-rounded financial plan. Having a life insurance policy primarily means that you have ensured the financial security of your spouse, children, family, or business after your death. At Phoenix Life Insurance, you will find experienced agents ready to share a wealth of knowledge and help you navigate the policies on the market. We are qualified, licensed, and prepared to guide you toward making the best decision for you.

    Learn About Life Insurance

    At Phoenix Life Insurance, we understand that many people misunderstand how life insurance works. That is why we have provided a welcoming environment where you can feel comfortable asking questions and learning about available policies without feeling pressured to make a decision you are not comfortable making.

    Our experienced Laveen life insurance agents take all the time necessary to explain your options and provide as much education as you would like. Give us a call today to schedule a consultation!

    Learn About Life Insurance Agents Near Laveen

    Our team can consult with you about a wide variety of insurance policies!

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    Life Insurance Agents Serving Laveen Families

    Years Of Experience In The Life Insurance Industry

    Do you live in Laveen and have you been considering getting life insurance? This should not be put off and our experienced agents will gladly help you find the best plan for you to help your family.

    Find The Ideal Life Insurance Policy With Us

    Types of Life Insurance Policies
    Provided For Laveen Residents

    Term Life Insurance

    Term Life Insurance provides fixed rate insurance coverage for a specific, limited period of time. Visit with our Laveen life insurance company to determine if Term is right for you.

    • Provides coverage for a limited time, provided premiums are paid
    • Offers a death benefit, but no cash value
    • An initially less expensive policy
    • Can be renewed or converted
    Term Life Insurance Policies Near Laveen
    Whole Life Insurance Near Laveen

    Whole Life Insurance

    Typically known as traditional life insurance, Whole Life Insurance offers coverage for the lifetime of the insured. It also pays out a death benefit and offers a valuable savings component.

    • Provides lifetime coverage, provided premiums are paid
    • Cash value accumulates and becomes an asset which can be used
    • Offers level premiums throughout the duration of the policy
    • Offers flexible premium payments

    Universal Insurance

    Universal Life insurance is a policy option that typically offers flexible premium choices, but can also require single or fixed premiums. Our agents can help you learn more!

    • Offers permanent coverage and an investment component
    • Offers flexible premium options
    • Builds cash value while combining death benefits
    • Has a savings portion that accumulates throughout the policy duration
    Universal Insurance Near Laveen
    When You’re Ready to Buy Life Insurance Near Laveen

    Buy Life Insurance With Our Life Insurance Agency

    When you are ready to invest in a life insurance policy, it is highly recommended that you work with a licensed agent rather than attempt to purchase independently. The cost is very similar, and an agent will provide a lifelong, professional relationship that allows you to adjust the policy as needed throughout your lifetime to reflect your changing needs.

    Frank Stevens is a licensed insurance agent at Phoenix Health & Life Insurance. He has been approved by the Arizona Department of Insurance to sell a wide variety of insurance policies. His vast knowledge and extensive experience make him an excellent resource!

    Protect For The Amount You Choose
    Protection For The
    Amount You Choose

    Any amount you choose will be protected by your contract after your death.

    100% Online, No Paperwork
    100% Online,
    No Paperwork

    Sign up online in just a few simple steps! Protect those you love most.

    Convenient Life Insurance Plans
    With Several Benefits

    We Manage The Best Benefits For You
    Get Up To 100% Of Your Money Back
    Get Up To 100% Of
    Your Money Back

    Find a policy with the highest return percentage to protect your investment!

    Customize Your Plan's Term Length
    Customize Your Plan’s
    Term Length

    You can choose a plan for a time period that best suits your needs.

    Find The Ideal Life Insurance Policy With Us

    Life Insurance Calculator

    How Much Life Insurance
    Do I Need?

    You can also receive personalized advice by calling (480) 680-8120

    How Is Your Retirement In Laveen Looking?

    After Buying Life Insurance With Our AgentsLaveen’s #1 Insurance Agents

    After you have chosen a policy and made your initial investment, you can rest easy knowing the ones you love most are financially protected. Not only have you invested in life insurance, but you have invested in the beginnings of a long term, professional relationship with your agent that allows you the flexibility to adjust your policy and coverage as needed to reflect your changing needs. Phoenix Life Insurance will take time to learn about you and your family so that we can make necessary changes to your policy to ensure comprehensive coverage.

    After your death, our life insurance agents near you in Laveen make sure your claim is processed quickly and efficiently so that your loved ones do not have to suffer financially to pay the bills and funeral costs. We provide the peace of mind you deserve!

    Contact Phoenix Life Insurance today to speak with a dedicated, qualified agent about your concerns! We are dedicated to helping you make an informed, educated decision about how to care for the financial stability of your spouse, children, parents, or business after your passing.

    After You Buy Life Insurance From Phoenix Health and Life Insurance Agency Near Laveen

    5-Star Rated Insurance Agency Near You

    Life Insurance

    Phoenix Life Insurance offers a variety of Laveen business life insurance policies that provide the safety and protection you need for your assets and business foundation if a key employee passes away. Visit us today to learn more!

    Life Insurance

    Choose from a wide variety of Laveen individual life insurance policies to find the best coverage for your needs. Phoenix Life Insurance can help you learn about the benefits and requirements for each option available to you.

    Joint Life

    With a joint life insurance policy in Laveen, you can provide coverage for multiple people under one policy. Our agents at Phoenix Life Insurance can help you get the flexibility you and your beneficiaries deserve.

    Life Insurance

    While it is an excellent idea to offer life insurance to your employees, it can come with its own set of complications. Consult with our agents for expert help finding the right Laveen employee life insurance policy for your team!

    Read Our Clients’ Testimonials

    Laveen Life Insurance Agents With Five-Star Reviews
    • I want to thank and recommend Frank for his assistance! I’ve always been allergic to paperwork and life insurance is definitely not my field of expertise but Phoenix Life Insurance helped me go through all the insurance products and steps I needed to choose the right plan for my family. Thank you so much for a stress-free experience!

      Paul G. ★★★★★

    • I was looking for life insurance to protect my family and reached out to Phoenix Life Insurance. I met with Frank Stevens who took took time to sit with me and go over some insurance options for my family. He went one step further and talked about some retirement and income generating options for when I approach retirement. With his help I feel my family and my future are in great shape. Thank you Frank for your help. Highly recommend these folks for any life insurance or retirement needs you may have..

      Brian L.★★★★★

    • Great company and staff. Needed life insurance for my wife and myself and Frank Stevens was top notch. We were presented many options to see what was right for our family without any pressure to make decisions. I would recommend Frank and this company to anyone!

      Mark S.★★★★★

    • Very responsive local team did a great job in helping us find the right coverage. I like that they are independent so they shopped several different companies for us to help us find the best coverage.

      Juan B.★★★★★

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