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    The Best Life Insurance Agents in Scottsdale

    Having a life insurance policy is often completely misunderstood, but is actually one of the best ways you can ensure financial security for your spouse, children, and other loved ones after your death. Life insurance in Scottsdale is affordable, simple, and convenient, providing the peace of mind you deserve.

    Our agents at Phoenix Life Insurance can explain the options available so you can make the best choice for your needs and budget, without feeling pressure to make a hasty decision.

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    Life Insurance

    Finding a Scottsdale life insurance agency near you that is focused on helping you find the most suitable policy for your needs rather than price gouging you is important. Whether you need to adjust your existing policy or are starting fresh, Phoenix Life Insurance provides comprehensive, honest information.

    When you consult with our team, you will never be pressured to make a decision you are not ready to make. Instead, we take time to listen to you, answer your questions, and help you understand what to do next.

    Insurance Agent Explaining About Life Insurance Plans To A Scottsdale Resident


    Types Of Life Insurance Policies In Scottsdale

    Term Life Insurance

    Term Life Insurance provides coverage for a temporary, limited period of time, typically used while in between jobs or when facing a risky medical procedure. It is one of the most common types of policies!

    • Provides a death benefit with no cash value
    • An initially less expensive form of life insurance
    • Policy can be renewed or converted
    • Provides peace of mind during a transitional time
    Term Life Insurance Policies For Scottsdale Residents
    Whole Life Insurance Provided For Scottsdale Residents


    Whole Life Insurance provides lifelong coverage for the policyholder, with fixed, affordable premiums and a valuable cash component for added value. Only your designated beneficiaries receive a payout after your death. Give us a call to learn more!

    • Accumulate cash value over time
    • Experienced fixed, consistent premiums
    • Get comprehensive coverage for your lifetime
    • Has the option for flexible premiums


    A Universal Life Insurance policy provides permanent coverage, a death benefit, and a valuable cash component for the policyholder to use during their lifetime. As long as premiums are paid, the Universal policy is active.

    • Borrow against the cash value with no tax obligations
    • Receive a death benefit and a cash component
    • Accumulate savings throughout the term policy
    • Only specified beneficiaries receive the payout
    Universal Insurance For Scottsdale Residents

    Benefits Of Buying A Life Insurance Policy For Families In Scottsdale

    Tax-Free Income For Your Beneficiaries In Scottsdale, AZ

    Tax-Free Income For Your Beneficiaries

    When a policyholder passes away, their beneficiaries receive a financial payout to ease financial strain. The payout is considered net income and is not required to be reported on taxes. However, any interest accumulated on the payout is taxable and must be reported.

    The Cash Value Growth Is Tax-Deferred

    The Cash Value Growth Is Tax-Deferred

    After investing in life insurance in Scottsdale, any accumulated cash value is not taxed by the government. Ultimately, this allows the value to increase more quickly with greater accumulated interest as well, because it is not losing a portion each year to taxes.

    Withdraw Money From Your Policy's Cash Value

    Withdraw Money From Your Policy’s Cash Value

    Most life insurance policies provide the option to withdraw money from the policy’s cash value throughout the duration of the policy, without being taxed. Remember that you cannot withdraw or borrow more than the amount you have paid in premiums to date.


    5-Star Rated Reviews Of Clients Protecting Their Loved Ones
    • Phoenix Health & Life Insurance is a class professional act that can assist you with your Medicare, Life, Group Health and other important Ancillary insurance products. They are well trained and a valuable source of information. Call them if you want straight answers and friendly professional support.

      Paul R. ★★★★★

    • This is absolutely the most excellent insurance company in Phoenix the level of professionalism and care is astounding in age of swindlers milling customers for money. I’ve used them three times and they have gone above and beyond consistently.

      Dustin T.★★★★★

    • I’ve used this company for years for my health insurance. They have always been there to my questions and to make any changes necessary. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

      Veronica M.★★★★★

    • Incredible service, I highly recommend them.

      Marlon D.★★★★★

    Frank Stevens Approved By The Arizona Department Of Insurance


    One of the biggest mistakes people make when purchasing life insurance in Scottsdale is attempting to do so independently of a licensed agent, thinking it will save them money. In reality, purchasing an independent policy opens them up to a variety of risks with none of the benefits gained by working with a reputable life insurance agent. The cost is virtually the same, and the expert guidance offered by an agent is priceless.

    Frank Stevens is a licensed Scottsdale life insurance agent at Phoenix Life Insurance, with the expertise and qualifications to sell a variety of policies to individuals and businesses. He is honest, straightforward, and trustworthy, with the ability to guide clients through the process of choosing a policy, submitting an application, and moving forward.

    Don’t attempt to choose a life insurance policy on your own! Take advantage of Frank Stevens’ knowledge as you make an important decision for your own peace of mind and the financial security of your loved ones.

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    We Manage The Best Benefits For You
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    You can also receive personalized advice by calling (480) 680-8120


    What Happens After You Buy Life Insurance From Our Agents

    Many life insurance agencies are more interested in your money than your wellbeing, and put intense pressure on their clients to buy the first policy that they see. Phoenix Life Insurance is different! We don’t simply help you buy a policy and then leave you alone to figure out the rest. Instead, our agents grow and foster a professional relationship with you and your family, so you can feel comfortable reaching out with any questions or getting your policy adjusted as needed.

    By investing in a life insurance policy, you are depositing money into a secure bank account to be distributed to your spouse, children, or other designated beneficiaries after your death. Our agents make sure your claim is processed quickly after your death so your loved ones face zero financial struggles.

    While many individuals have equity in business shares or real estate, a life insurance policy is the only asset immediately available for use during the transitional period after your death.

    Contact Phoenix Life Insurance today to get started! Our Scottsdale life insurance agents are with you every step of the way.

    Man Enjoying Time With His Child After Buying Life Insurance In Scottsdale

    Life Insurance For Your Every Need


    Protect your business assets in case a business partner passes away, through a Scottsdale business life insurance policy.


    We can help you find the best coverage for your needs and budget, while providing security for your loved ones.


    Protect multiple people under one policy through joint life insurance coverage, such as a married couple.


    Providing Scottsdale employee life insurance is an excellent idea but can be complicated. Let us show you the available options!

    We Work With Scottsdale’s Leading Life Insurance Carriers

    We Work With Mesa's Leading Life Insurance Carriers
    We Work With Mesa's Leading Life Insurance Carriers
    We Work With Mesa's Leading Life Insurance Carriers
    We Work With Mesa's Leading Life Insurance Carriers
    We Work With Mesa's Leading Life Insurance Carriers

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    FAQs About Life Insurance

    It may be simple to manage finances and provide security for your family and loved ones right now, but after your death it will be impossible to do so. The best way to ensure the financial security of your loved ones remains intact after your passing is through a life insurance policy.
    The state of Arizona simply requires an individual to be 18 years of age or older in order to be eligible to purchase life insurance. Many policies require the applicant to undergo a medical exam to determine the current state of their health, but it ultimately depends on which policy you are interested in purchasing.
    There are several tax benefits that come along with a life insurance policy. The death benefit to your beneficiaries is considered non-taxable income, no matter how large the amount. Money borrowed against the policy is considered non-taxable, and is not required to be reported on taxes. Visit with your life insurance agent to learn more!
    There is typically a 4-6 week waiting period before your new life insurance policy becomes active, but the process can be accelerated for an additional fee. If you die during the waiting period, temporary insurance will pay out a sum to your beneficiaries. A final expense life insurance policy with accelerated underwriting will ensure immediate coverage.
    Most life insurance policies require the applicant to get a medical assessment in order to be approved. During your physical exam, you will be asked questions about your current health, your personal and family health history, and your current lifestyle or habits. They will take a blood and urine sample, record your height and weight measurements, check your blood pressure, and screen for nicotine or drug use.
    Yes! Experts recommend investing in life insurance as soon as you reach the legal age of 18 years. The younger and healthier you are, the better your chances are of being approved for an exceptional life insurance policy with low premium payments. It is also wise to live a healthy lifestyle and avoid drugs, tobacco, or alcohol.
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