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    Life insurance is an important piece of a well-rounded financial plan, but is often misunderstood. Having a policy essentially means that the financial security of your loved ones is protected in the event of your death. At Phoenix Life Insurance, you will find experienced agents who are licensed, qualified, and ready to help you navigate the available policies on the market.

    Learn About Life Insurance

    As experienced New River life insurance agents, Phoenix Life Insurance provides thorough, reliable information about policies, how they work, and how to enroll. We understand that there are many misconceptions about life insurance, so we take all the time necessary to provide as much education as you would like and to answer your questions.

    Essentially, a life insurance policy is like a secure bank account where you deposit money to ensure the financial wellbeing of your family after your death. Our agents can adjust your policy as needed throughout your lifetime, and ensure its quick payout to your family after you have died so there is no needless struggling with daily bills and funeral expenses.

    Learn About Life Insurance Agents Near New River

    Our team can consult with you about all of these
    types of life insurance policies

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    Life Insurance Agents Serving New River Families

    Years Of Experience In The Life Insurance Industry

    The experienced agents at our New River life insurance agency are ready to share their wealth of knowledge with you and guide you through the enrollment process.

    Find The Ideal Life Insurance Policy With Us

    Types of Life Insurance Policies
    Provided For New River Residents

    Term Life Insurance

    Term Life Insurance is a policy with fixed rate coverage that runs for a limited, specific period of time. It guarantees payment of a stated death benefit to the beneficiaries, and bases its premium on the person’s age, health, and life expectancy. Our New River life insurance company can help you determine if a Term policy is the best choice.

    • Provides coverage for a limited time, provided premiums are paid
    • Provides a death benefit, but no cash value
    • An initially less expensive policy
    • Policy is typically renewable or convertible
    Term Life Insurance Plans Near New River
    Whole Life Insurance Policy Near New River

    Whole Life Insurance

    Whole Life Insurance is the most traditional type of policy and provides coverage for the entire lifetime of the insured. It offers a death benefit and a valuable savings component, and is paid out to the beneficiaries upon the death of the insured. The policy owner can borrow from the cash savings, which typically earns a fixed rate of interest.

    • Lifetime coverage, provided premiums are paid
    • Accumulates cash value, which can be used if needed
    • Level premiums for the entire length of the policy
    • Offers flexible premium payments

    Universal Insurance

    Universal Life Insurance is a type of policy that offers flexible premium choices, but sometimes requires single or fixed premiums. It is a type of permanent insurance that is in effect for the rest of your life unless the premiums do not get paid. Visit with our agents to learn more about a Universal Life Insurance policy!

    • Permanent coverage with an investment component
    • Combines death benefits and builds cash value
    • Provides a savings component that accumulates throughout the policy lifetime
    • Offers flexible premium options
    Universal Life Insurance Near New River
    Frank Stevens, Approved By The Arizona Department of Insurance

    Buy Life Insurance With Our Life Insurance Agency

    Investing in a life insurance policy is a big step, so it is best to work directly with a licensed agent. Many times, people think they can save themselves time or money by purchasing policy independently, but the reality is that independent purchase opens you up to risks in the long run. The cost is very similar to work with an agent, plus you will receive the benefit of a lifelong professional relationship, along with the flexibility to adjust your policy as needed.

    Frank Stevens is a licensed agent at Phoenix Life Insurance, carrying extensive knowledge and experience that allow him to be a five-star choice for our clients.

    Protection For The Amount You Choose
    Protection For The
    Amount You Choose

    Your contract protects any amount you choose after your death.

    100% Online, No Paperwork
    100% Online,
    No Paperwork

    Enrollment is simple and offered completely online!

    Convenient Life Insurance
    Plans With Several Benefits

    Convenient Life Insurance Plans with Several Benefits
    Get Up to 100% of Your Money Back
    Get Up To 100% Of
    Your Money Back

    We can help you find a policy with the best return for your investment.

    Customize Your Plan's Term Length
    Customize Your Plan’s
    Term Length

    Choose a plan that will best suit your needs and budget.

    Find The Ideal Life Insurance Policy With Us

    Life Insurance Calculator

    How Much Life Insurance Do I Need?

    You can also receive personalized advice by calling (480) 680-8120

    How Is Your Retirement In New River Looking?

    After Buying Life Insurance With Our Agents New River’s Most Trusted Insurance Agents

    After choosing a policy and making your initial investment into the account, you can have peace of mind knowing the ones you love most are financially protected in the event of your death. By purchasing a life insurance policy, you have invested in their security as well as the beginning of a lifelong, professional relationship with your agent. Having an agent on your side allows the flexibility to adjust your coverage throughout your lifetime to meet your changing needs. At Phoenix Life Insurance, we take time to get to know you and your family so that we can offer the best guidance and information to you.

    After your death, our New River life insurance agents work diligently to ensure your claim is processed quickly and efficiently. Your loved ones will not need the added stress of struggling financially to pay their bills and your funeral costs. Let us provide the peace of mind you and your loved ones deserve!

    Contact Phoenix Life Insurance today to speak with a qualified agent about your concerns!

    New River Families' Most Trusted Insurance Agents

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    Life Insurance

    Get the protection that your business and assets need in case a key employee passes away. Browse our New River business life insurance policies today!

    Individual Life

    We offer a variety of individual life insurance policies in New River to ensure you get the coverage you need. We can help you learn more!

    Joint Life

    Through joint life insurance in New River, you can provide coverage for multiple people under one policy. We provide the flexibility you and your loved ones deserve.

    Employee Life

    Consult with our agents for expert guidance finding the right New River employee life insurance policy for your valued employees!

    Read Our Clients’ Testimonials

    New River Life Insurance Agents With 5-Star Reviews
    • Phoenix Health & Life Insurance is a class professional act that can assist you with your Medicare, Life, Group Health and other important Ancillary insurance products. They are well trained and a valuable source of information. Call them if you want straight answers and friendly professional support.

      Paul R. ★★★★★

    • This is absolutely the most excellent insurance company in Phoenix the level of professionalism and care is astounding in age of swindlers milling customers for money. I’ve used them three times and they have gone above and beyond consistently.

      Dustin T.★★★★★

    • I’ve used this company for years for my health insurance. They have always been there to my questions and to make any changes necessary. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

      Veronica M.★★★★★

    • Incredible service, I highly recommend them.

      Marlon D.★★★★★

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